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What Can I do for You? Why Hire My Services?

Have a one on one meeting to address your concerns;
Recommend the best suitable changes for your space;
Be creative with design ideas;
Create time line for the completion of the project;
Read over contracts to make sure all tasks involved are addressed;
Be in tune with the value of the home to create the proper additional value modifications;
Be in tune of time frame of staying in the home to create the proper value modifications;
Evaluation to implement Universal Design;
To be resourceful with new products in the market;
Follow up with project progress;
Purchase materials to make sure of quality and lead time for delivery; Referral of trades that are reliable, State licensed, honest and hard workers of quality workmanship;
To recommend the right finish material for the needed application;
To give you piece of mind that your project is being done according to code and excellent quality;

I offer 30 plus years of experience in job site projects to recognize potential trouble ahead of time and create solutions before it happens.

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